About Us

Everything about you is so special be it your personality, goals or appearance. You're a source of pride, inspiration & accomplishment. That makes our mere existence a worthwhile experience.

Science of dentistry is always progressing & it challenges with every new development that implies greatly to the mankind. We at Specialists Dental are updated with the latest development that's transforming the art of dentistry, thus making sure that we are in the vanguard, providing you and your family the best and the latest that dental research has to offer, from periodontal therapy to aesthetic dentistry. Remember, we're practicing dentistry because you're our inspiration.

  • A state-of-the-art practice that enables us to provide advanced care for you & your family.
  • We have a collective exposure to over 10,000 varied dental cases.
  • Convenient opening times with late evening & early morning appointments available.

Our team of friendly dentists will make sure you have a great dental experience with us. Most importantly we listen to what you have to say and take your needs into consideration. We take time to educate you on the different aspects of dental health, the treatment options and help you choose the best for you. We make sure that your experience is a relaxing , stress free and comfortable one unlike the bad experiences you may have had in the past. We are compliant with international standards of sterilization and procedures. All used instruments are either disposed or sterilized. Used needles and syringes are disposed to be incinerated. We also offer you a choice of having the doctor use a set of instruments (examination instruments, burrs,etc) exclusively for your treatment at a minimal extra cost.

we have early morning and late evening appointments we are also open on saturday and sundays .Provide a 24 hours 7 days emergency services for registered and non registered patients.

Mission Statements

  • Our mission is to provide Exeptional dentistry.
  • Serve you with a sense of warmth ,Gentleness and personal attention.
  • Strive to do the best in diagnosis ,Treatment and services.

Vision Statements

we dedicate ourselves to provide the highest quality of dentistry ,delivered on time with a sense of warmth ,gentleness and personal attention .our practice is built on the principle of honesty and integrity .We use a network of highly qualified specialists to provide you with the best possible treatments.